Vein Week – How to draw attention to an under-treated health problem?

Avantgarde Group | Vénák Hete


Venous diseases cause wide range of symptoms and complaints for many people. About 35% of the working population and more than half of the retired population suffer from some form of venous disease. However, we are talking about under-diagnosed and under-treated diseases, often due to lack of knowledge of people concerned. Also, in many cases, people do not consider the symptoms seriously. Furthermore, remaining healthy is challenging for many people because it requires a healthy lifestyle as well.

Our solution

One-week long thematic campaign, called Vein Week to raise awareness and educate the target group. It consists of health-conscious men and women aged from 25 to 90, who are genetically predisposed to venous diseases, or who already suffer from the symptoms.

Our toolkit:

  • Microsite
  • Walking and yoga videos
  • Cooking workshop with gastro influencer (Főzelékes Feri)
  • Several lifestyle press materials for journalists
  • Interviews


  • 13 journalists participated in cooking workshop and 7 reports had been published after that
  • 36 press appearances based on lifestyle materials including 2 radio interviews, 1 print and all together we reached 2.5M people
  • In Social Media, we reached 550k users, the walking and yoga videos had been viewed by almost 150k people
  • 35 people participated in challenges and more than 2000 visitors arrived to the microsite