HPH – How Pharmacists Hunt (for information)

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Hungaropharma is the Hungarian market leader in the pharmaceutical wholesale industry, thus the target group of its communication consists almost entirely of pharmacists and assistants. The company focuses also on digital education of the partners thus the major aim was to reach the pharmaceutical workers in a digital and efficient way.
This was very challenging because the majority of the target group were mostly of digital immigrants and especially from the older age group for whom digital literacy is mostly basic or even less.

Our solution

A digital platform, what could be feasible both for younger (skilled digital users) and older (mainly offline) generations of professionals. The solution required to be sustainable, easy-to-use, and efficient at the same time.
Therefore, we came up with an application, which expanded the communication channels, highlighted the most important news for pharmacists, reached the professionals outside of the pharmacies, and provided comprehensive information for them in a simple, easy-to-understand way.
Simple, foolproof, targeted, exclusive – what the professionals needed.

What we did:

  • Application development, including design and content
  • Communication of the application, including newsletters, Extranet and Social Media communication
  • Detailed manual for new users


  • 500+ downloads
  • 1000+ discounted orders through the application
  • 3000+ unique visits monthly

In general, we reached both younger and older customers, and the users are actively working with the application. Partners received a clear and transparent interface, which helped increase Hungaropharma’s communication efficiency since then. Personal feedback from several users also confirmed that the application launch was successful.