Krisztina Bedy

Managing Director

Creative thinker, analytical strategist and enthusiastic follower of new trends, owner and manager of the company. She has been recruited as a public affairs advisor to the team’s management with multinational executive and journalist background therefore she knows and understands each aspect of the profession. She has been invited to several conferences and universities as a guest lecturer. Her optimistic perseverance is followed by successful affairs.

Péter Bánovics

Managing Director

In one person he is the owner, managing director and one of the founders of the company. He analyses, synthesizes. He always solves the customer’s business problem that’s the heart of his business philosophy. His dedication is supported by several decades of financial experience that he gained in domestic, in international and in multinational environments.

András Tengelits

PR Director

He is two wheels ahead of the events. He solves a business problem before it materialises. He says: communication is about diplomacy, it’s about the way how we find balance between the organization and its environment. With the precision that he gained through his years as a TV news reporter, a great number of successfully handled crisis situations and communication of billionaire projects provide the rock solid foundation that brings security and forward-looking solutions to his clients.

Attila Péter Nagy

Senior PA Consultant

He believes that the most exciting thing in communication starts with understanding the other party. This requires openness, sincere interest and empathy, and everything else comes after that. As a former news editor, he enjoys finding the solution of crisis situations. He also likes strategic work, from defining the situation, through the formulation of goals, to choosing the right implementation toolkit. He regards his governmental contacts as important because he often finds that the decision-makers start to see the position of a given sector differently based on the argument we have assembled. He holds media training sessions about media appearances and crisis management in both Hungarian and English.

Alexandra Solti

Senior PR Consultant

Alex will never hold a comment back. She will always have a question or a remark, or many times she has a whole story to tell on the topic. Maybe more than one. In the last 10+ years there has not been an area of communication she hasn’t worked in, from factory openings to organizing dog frisbee events, she has participated in the strategic planning and execution of a multitude of projects. She has lived and worked through the social media revolution and has been and is still searching for the latest and most innovative communication tools.

Mátyás Varga

Digital Account Director

He believes that professional communication is like an assimilation process. First you need to gain insights on different industries, broaden your horizons by understanding them and finally, the most important step: represent them with credibility. He especially likes if his works are intended for social purposes but considering his experience gained in digital communication, he can work at full capacity so the client may see a rising graph on revenue side at the end of the day. It’s important to him that his partners or colleagues can place their trust in him.

Emese Deák

Internal Communication Expert

Emese truly believes that when people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home. She is an expert in internal communication, what she gained while working over 19 years in telecommunication. Her goal is to help employees better understand the company’s strategy and decision backgrounds. Emese thinks that motivated and engaged employees are the key to a company’s success.

Szabina Simon

Account Manager

She likes to write, regardless of the type of the text it can be an announcement, a blog post, or a tricky social media content. She is an enthusiastic translator especially when it comes to English and Japanese. But her absolute favourite is when she can organize an event, whether it is a small press breakfast, or a conference with hundreds of people. When she finds the time she reads a lot: novels, studies, newspapers and articles. She always strives to find a common voice with partners and colleagues.

Tamás Bakos

Account Manager

Tamás is a social media maniac. He loves to post any kind of content, it doesn’t matter if it’s about a concert, whether it’s a travel selfie or just a random cat picture. He is always trying to keep up with all the social media news to be able to give the maximum expected to our clients. His experience in photography is a huge plus when it comes to creating ideas. Since he was also working at TV stations, he has a deep understanding regarding audio-visual contents as well. Tamás takes every opportunity to learn something new, even if that takes some extra hours during the weekend.

Virág Isaák

Account Executive

She has never been afraid of impossible challenges. In the contrary, these are the ones that inspire her. She fell in love with the profession due to the diversity of communication, and this makes her devoted. She performs her duties quickly, accurately and efficiently. She thinks that the best ideas are born on the tram.

Noémi Sziládi

Graphic Designer

Noémi likes diversity, and when she can work with several clients during a day. In addition to the various publications, she creates a huge number of social media posts on a daily basis, giving her continuous opportunities to develop and to learn. These prepare her to face any kind of professional challenge.

Bianka Binó


Her everything is the Hungarian language, so everybody asks her in case of any grammatical issues. As an enthusiastic trainee, she strives to make her colleagues’ and the management’s lives easier and, in addition to office administration, she recently compiled the fourth Apollo Times magazine. She is the one who always knows everything, and she is the one you can turn to with anything.