Canon – “Get to know your new digital assistant!” B2B campaign

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Canon is primarily known by their DSLR cameras and lenses, but the company’s portfolio is way wider than that, covering the whole range of imaging solutions. So B2B solutions – based on multi-functional printers and other office appliances – are also a huge part of their business.

Our task was to turn the attention to these services, connecting the Canon brand with digital solutions and services, digital transformation and hybrid office. To make Canon known as a B2B business solution in Hungary and to make it appealing with all its benefits to target audiences, while gathering leads.

AG’s solution

Our first goal, the baseline was to better understand the target audiences of these solutions, so resonating messages could be created for them. We divided the target audience to 4 industries / microsegments, HR services, Logistics, Legal and Manufacturing. As part of the preparation phase we conducted an online survey and a mapping of the 4 segments e.g. identifying their habits, challenges and needs. Basically, different personas were set up for the industries and every persona got the most fitting Canon solutions assigned to them.

These became the building blocks of the campaign’s messaging system. Based on the mapping we created the concept of Your New Digital Assistant and from that point on, we constructed every message targeting the personas of the 4 separate segments, addressing the problems and attributes that is specific for each of them.

Our tools

  • We prepared a microsite with persona-specific content.
  • The conclusions of the survey were distributed to the media as a press release, which already generated a huge buzz.
  • Further press materials of the B2B solutions were published in vertical and business media as native articles.
  • We also targeted the segments through social media and digital advertisements. Advertising in specific groups on SM platforms, reaching certain communities directly.


  • Articles of Canon’s New Digital Assistant reached more than 2.2 million people. The most popular Hunaushdaufghshfu Hungarian IT and Business media portals all wrote about the survey’s results.
  • Google display ads generated 2,4 million impressions.
  • Third-party social media posts reached ~10k people each!
  • ~16k people were driven to the website of the new B2B solution with many leads generated for the Canon sales team.
  • Traffic to Canon’s webpages of B2B solutions also increased.