Kapaszkodó 2.0 – Catch-up program for disadvantaged families and children

The aim of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid and E.ON Hungaria’s program is to support disadvantaged children who were excluded from digital education due to COVID-19.

Hundreds of children took part in a series of programs called Kapaszkodó 2.0. Based on a new educational methodology they could develop their skills in summer camps and in study workshops during the autumn-winter period. The organizers paid attention to include fun activities as well such as VR technology, drones, 3D printers, Beebots and LEGO robots.


The main goal was to start a conversation about the topic. To this effect we launched nationwide communication to raise awareness to a problem affecting society and addressing the national and regional media representatives to deal with the program and its messages in priority.

AG’s Solution

  • We highlighted a current and national-level problem with a local activity during which we emphasized the essence of the program based on aspects that could be interesting to the national media as well.
  • Involvement of complex media (including TV, radio, print and online)
  • After the start of the lead-in communication (press release, video) we kept the media in the loop and provided them continuous stories.
  • Secured exclusive fieldwork to selected press representatives in one of the running camps.
  • Provided interview opportunities with camp organizers, teachers and young campers


  • The program was extensively featured in the national and regional press as well: almost every media representatives dealt with the topic in a very short period and use the program’s messages as a guide to raise awareness.
  • Altogether 172 TV, radio, print and online coverings, reaching more than 11.7M people, with HUF 91 million ADV.
  • The children successfully caught up in learning, so they continued their studies with more confidence since fall.
Facebook live about the vegetable consumption of children