Hamé Veggie – communication of an excitingly delicious product

hamé veggie termékek

Introducing a new product category

Hamé is famous for alupackaged, spreadable pates such as pork and duck. In order to meet trending consumer needs the brand introduced a new category, vegetable pates called Hamé Veggie. These products aim to keep up with the growing trend of living a health-conscious lifestyle and provide a tasty and wallet-friendly option to those who feel that vegetables are too expensive. Our task was to increase awareness of the products and get the target groups to try them.


The biggest challenge naturally was that the products were completely new and therefore unknown for our target groups. Furthermore we not only needed to introduce the products but encourage consumers to try them as well.

AG’s solution

The campaign focused on the characteristics of the products, we gave each of them certain qualities (e.g. tomato-oregano is intensive and explosive) and provided visuals that support these. Using the tools of social and online media we aimed to show Hamé as a creative, friendly and colourful brand.

Therefore we created several different activities to support our aims:

  1. In order to target mothers, we teamed up with credible mother influencers, Dobó Ági and Marton Adri combined with a giveaway to show how they use the products and encourage others to do the same.
  2. We organized a Facebook live about vegetable consumption and the role of vegetable pates with experts and influencers, accompanied by press releases and native articles.
  3. To reach children and mothers alike we created Hamé’s vegetable song, which is about the importance of the 4 vegetables and their characters. Thus we managed to provide a creative and playful communication of the products.
  4. Besides mothers we targeted health-conscious individuals with giveaway, influencers and TikTok recipe contents as well. Furthermore we reached university students who are aiming for a cost-effective but health-conscious option.
  5. All these were accompanied by a TV spot and radio advertisement.


During the 2 months length (from October to Christmas) of the complete campaign we reached 4.5 million consumers with 52,000 total engagement. In addition to paid PR tools we had a non-sponsored reach worth of 43,055 EUR AV in the lifestyle media.

Facebook live about the vegetable consumption of children