Chio Tortillas – Accomplishing the title: the must have crisps for the Super Bowl

Our task was to raise engagement rate in the Chio finomságok community during the Super Bowl finals and encourage them to support and cherish their favourite team through a small guessing game. Our Facebook post reached more than 106 000 people in a couple of days and more than 400 people took part in the game.

Chio decided to create a social media campaign for the Super Bowl finals since the game recently gained popularity in Hungary. The importance of this amazing opportunity was undeniable, because online mentions are real treasures for any brand. The guessing game started on the first day of February and ended before the finals, on the 3rd of February. It had only one rule: to answer the question by guessing who will win the finals.

Our Chio campaign was mentioned as a case study at a digital evolution conference, where a social listening company highlighted it as a successful Super Bowl campaign with important brand mentions. The case study displayed at the conference showed that according to the Hungarian Super Bowl mentions Chio finomságok products were the must have crisps for the big night. The report clearly demonstrated that the mentions of Chio were much higher than any other competitor’s in the market.

Chio finomságok also accomplished the title: the most loved brand according to the customer’s opinion.