E.ON Wishes a Sustainable New Year – 360° communication 

As an agency our task was to raise awareness of environmentally friendly solutions before Christmas while reflecting on Blinkee-city, a flagship initiative of sharing economy that is sponsored by E.ON. The reports on the CSR activities have reached 2,2M people. The appearances together amounted to nearly EUR 48 000 worth of media value.

We cooperated with one of the most famous users of Blinkee.city, Peti Puskás. We shot a Facebook video focused on our protagonist using Blinkee.city to deliver gifts to a children’s safe-house. In the video he brought up hints on how everyday people can make Christmas more sustainable. Leading commercial channel RTL Klub covered the story in their prime time news show and TV2 Tények also reported on the activity, focusing on „Blinkee-city Santas” in other towns in the country.

We asked Anita Csorba, a well-known DIY influencer to offer environmentally friendly solutions for Christmas decorations, throughout promoting E.ON’s main message. Our influencer has one of the most popular YouTube channel on the subject of creative activity in Hungary (218k followers). She was invited to the Christmas market next to the Basilica. Journalists were also invited to the event to take part in the activities.

In order to achieve a 360° communication we’ve covered both online and print media. Our releases and PR articles focused on CSR & game changer activities of E.ON. The print advert reflected to the copy & visual of the TV commercial which appeared in leading business magazine „Figyelő” and in various regional newspapers. Native articles were published in leading lifestyle portals such as joy.hu; instlye.hu; evamagazin.hu.